Tap Handle Core Capabilities

Tap Handles
Tap Handle wood turning
stock and custom shape Tap Handle design

Many intricate shapes and designs can be made in your tap handles by turning the wood stock on a lathe.


Tap Handles
Tap Handle cnc routing
high speed custom routing and edges for Custom Tap Handles

CNC machines produce consistent, high-quality work that reduces waste, frequency of errors, and reduces project lead times in custom tap handle shape design.

Tap Handles
Tap Handle laser engraving
burned & color filled looks can be achieved in your tap handles

Laser engravers can mark an object without contacting the material surface. You can achieve burned, and color filled images, text and designs in your custom tap handle.


Tap Handles
Tap Handle pad printing
multi-color printing ability direct to your tap handle surface

Pad printing transfers a 2D image to your tap handle by use of a flexible silicone pad.


Tap Handles
Complete Tap Handle assembly
we fully assembly all tap handle products on-site in wisconsin

We have the in-house ability to assembly, pack and ship your tap handles from our door to yours.




Tap Handles
Tap Handle urethane molding
can create unique, complex Tap Handle shape designs

Cast urethane can create complex tap handle pieces that can be enhanced through painting, surface texture and decals.

Tap Handles
Tap Handle laser cutting
great for custom Tap Handle shapes

A laser cutting machine runs from computer output and leaves an edge with a high-quality surface finish on your tap handle..

Tap Handles
Custom Tap Handle painting
our talented painters bring life to your Tap Handles

Hand painting enhances a tap handle, frequently with special effects, and can bring depth and appeal to your tap handle.

Tap Handles
Tap Handle injection molding
custom large run Tap Handle molding

Works by shaping the rubber or plastic articles by injecting heated material into a tap handle design mold.