Environmental Sustainability

tap handles

AJS & Associates shares your concern for the environment. We take pride in our green manufacturing practices and continue to work on reducing our environmental impact.

Our ability to manufacture products domestically reduces the effect of long distance shipping on the environment. Tap handles manufactured by AJS from North American hardwoods use a well-managed and sustainable resource from Forest Stewardship Council certified suppliers. Each year, more than 100 billion tons of atmospheric carbon are stored in products made from wood, according to industry estimates.

Byproducts from our wood manufacturing are recycled and reused. Wood shavings and sawdust are collected and used by area farmers for cattle bedding and mulch to hold moisture on their farm fields. Rejected items are sold for craft and school projects. Scrap wood is used as biomass fuel for heating. AJS uses water based paint and coatings where possible. We recycle solvent from painting by distilling the waste material so it can be reused, thus reducing material that needs to be disposed of.

We try to pay attention to the small details such as recycling printer ink cartridges, minimizing the use of paper in the office, and shredding scrap paper for packing material. Minimizing our energy consumption has always been a focus.

"When you purchase products from AJS, you can be confident they have been produced with care and concern for the environment.”